Easily manage and measure your landscaping business.

yardmetrics' allows you to manage your customers and improve your business's performance using auto-generated metrics.

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Customer Management

Complete management from initial contact to scheduling jobs, estimation and more.

Profit & Loss

Track your performance daily, weekly, monthly and annually using reports.

Stripe Integration

Accept payments online for one-time and recurring charges.

SMS Alerts

Automatically notify your customers of reschedules, finished jobs and much more.

Customer Portal

Give your customers complete access to easily pay their bills and view account history.

Estimating Tools

Quickly build estimates using re-usable materials with known price and labor factors.

Equipment History

Track repairs, assign to a crew, create and share parts lists.

Mobile Friendly

All pages are designed to work on any browser from a tablet in the field to a desktop at home.


Assign to crews, track timesheets and create paychecks.


Track and manage your spending on a monthly and annual basis.

Route Optimization

Determine the best route between jobs scheduled on any given day.

Market Segments

Powerful reporting to measure performance in different segments of your customer base.

All metric reports are automatically generated as you use the app. They are designed to help you locate areas of your business which can be improved. Within 30 days you'll have actionable enough data to easily save you the cost of your subscription.
  • Employees
    • Quickly see how many payroll hours you spend per year.
    • Find the actual costs per hour per employee and on average.
    • Drill down to YTD and overall for each employee.
  • Expenses
    • Find your total expenses per year and average cost per payroll hour.
    • Determine what percent each category of expense represents.
    • Determine how much each category of expense costs per payroll hour.
    • Drill down to see how each category changes over time.
  • Sales
    • Quick overview of your sales fluctuations throughout the year.
    • Which customer segments spend the most per year.
    • Which crew does the most sales per year.
    churn   churn
  • Services
    • Quickly determine which services are your most profitable.
    • What percentage each sale makes of your overall sales.
    • Average price for each type of service.
    • How much each service does per man minute target versus actual.
  • Complaints
    • See which months you receive the most complaints and total complaints for the year.
    • Breakdown complaints by individual customers to find problem areas.
    • Determine which crews generate the most complaints.
  • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Quickly determine the lifetime value of all your customers over all years.
    • Determine which customers spend the most each year.
    • Easily see the tenure of each customer along with the overall average.
  • Churn
    • See which months of the year most of your customers cancel.
    • Determine what is the most common cancellation reason.
    • See your overall and monthly churn rates.
  • Feedback
    • See how your customers rank the service you provide by year.
  • Leads
    • See which months you receive the most leads.
    • Breakdown your leads by segment and view overall.
    • Display your close rate overall and by segment.
  • Maintenance
    • Breakdown total maintenance costs for the year by equipment and type of equipment.
    • Breakdown 'odometer' usage by category and individual equipment per year.
    • Quickly see what percentage of maintenance expenses go where.
    • Drill down into each piece of equipment to see usage and maintenance costs by year.
  • Parts
    • See your overall parts usage for each given year.
    • Determine how many times a given part is used each year.
    • See how much time is spent on workorders using this part.
  • Workorders
    • See which equipment generates the most workorders.
    • Quickly determine what equipment has the most down-time.
  • Profiles
    • Profiles represent a time target for your crews to hit while completing a job.
    • These are used to determine how profitable a recurring job is or can be.
    • Quickly identify which jobs are winners and losers.
    • Easily drill down into any individual profile for extreme detail in your performance.
  • Large Standard Deviation
    • These jobs should be considered your 'outliers' and generally unpredictable.
    • They represent any job which the time spent varies drastically each time.
    • Locating the source of the variation can quickly save you money.
  • Loses
    • Any job that you are completing slower than you estimated is considered a loser.
    • These represent jobs which need improvement OR price adjustments.
    • Quickly see which jobs are borderline and which are clear losers.
  • Wins
    • These jobs are those which you are completing in less time than you estimated.
    • Any recurring job here represents making slightly more than estimated.
    • Borderline and clear winners are easy to determine quickly.
  • Drives
    • Quickly determine the average time spent between stops on your daily routes.
    • See which drives take the longest and the shortest.
  • Locations
    • Quickly see the average distance each customer you service is from your shop.
    • Easily determine which customer is the farthest from your shop.
    • Easily determine which customer is the closest to your shop.

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